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The owner Yangshuai claims the lost purse at the office of People’s Road

At the morning of May 14th, 2015, when patrolling at the Dongli Road of People’s Road, the scouts on patrol picked up a brown LV purse. Apart from an ID card, student’s ID and other credentials, 5 foreign notes were found, suspected of being thrown away because the cheap replica handbags thief didn’t know foreign currency.

At 8 am, the scouts cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk on patrol tried to find the telephone number of the owner by calling 114 based on the information on the student’s ID, but the number did not exist. replica louis vuitton handbags Then they contacted the school after online search.

At 2 o clock pm, the owner Yangshuai came to claim the purse at People’s Road with his classmate. He told reporters that when he was heading home on the 909 bus at eleven o clock am of 13th, he found his purse lost at the Danis station in People’s Road. He loves collecting foreign notes and aaa replica designer handbags the 5 ones in his purse were sent by his friends as souvenir. He said he was unclear which country did the notes belong to and how much they value?

According to resident Sun, who knows much about Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica foreign currency, one of the 5 foreign notes is a 500 Vietnamese dong, one 10 VND, and the rest are a 50 yuan, 10 yuan and 5 yuan note of Nepal.

According to the April 27th report of British Financial Times, the brand appeal of LV, a branch of French luxury retailer Louis VuittonMoet Hennessy (LVMH), decreases in China Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica , and consumers in first tier replica louis vuitton bags cities tend not to choose its products.

The data from China Confidential, a research agency under the Financial Times, shows replica louis vuitton bags from china that in China’s first tier cities, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, only 18.8% high quality designer replica handbags of the interviewees said LV are their most desirable luxury brands, while in the third tier cities, this proportion is 38.3%. Though LV is still a popular luxury brand in China, Prada is stealing the spotlight in the first tier cities.

This is partly due to the spirit of time of China’s well to do class and consumers’ pursuit of individuality and uniqueness. Most interviewees in the first tier cities said that they intentionally stopped to buy brands which many people have. When asked to grade from 1 point to 5 point for the reason to buy luxuries(the higher the point, the more recognition it gets), the interviewees gave 3.92 points to the expression of personal taste.

The decreasing popularity of LV is also reflected on the Chinese tourists shopping overseas. An annual survey made by China Confidential recently on 1277 Chinese outbound tourists shows that among all the tourists who have bought brand products in their latest overseas trip aaa replica designer handbags , only 10.7% bought the LV products, decreasing a little compared with the 15.5% in 2014.

This decrease shows prominently in high income tourists. Among tourists whose yearly family income exceeds 350,000 yuan, only 12.9% bought the LV products in their latest overseas trip, compared with 24.3% over the same period of last year.

LVMH has been re positioning the brand to cope with these changes. It takes measures such as expanding the scope of LV products with logos hard to discern, and attaches more importance to faster growing sub brands such as Celine and Fendi.

While its latest statement shows that there are lots of work to be done. The revenue of LVMH in Asia(excluding Japan) in the first quarter of this year decreased by 6% over the same period of last year, far exceeding that of last year, which is 1%.

According to Wall street Journal, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group(hereinafter referred to as LV) declared Tuesday that the company did not intend to set a uniform price for its luxuries worldwide, thus dismissing the presumption that this luxury tycoon will increase its price in European countries and cut its price in China as did its French rival Chanel.

The CFO of fake louis bag LV Jean Jacques Guiony said in a tele conference: “we don’t believe it meaningful to establish a unified price structure.”

In the last several weeks, analysts and industry observers have put forward the issue concerning te price strategy of LV. The reason is that Chanel increased the price of many of its symbolic bags in the European markets earlier in April and at the same time reduced the retailing price of these products in the Chinese markets, aiming to solve the problem of widening price gap between products in European markets and in Asian markets arising from the weak euro.

At that time, this policy of Chanel was seen as a token of the imitation of the whole luxury industry, because the devaluation of euro against US dollar and currencies in other major countries has caused a large gap between luxury price in Paris, Beijing and New York. Though the price of Chanel purse has been high in markets outside Europe, its current price gap has far exceeded the normal level in history.

The weakening euro and higher import tariff in China resulted in a greater price gap for consumers in mainland China. But for the whole luxury industry, China is a vital market, because Chinese consumers love to buy luxuries when traveling in Europe, especially products as purse.

But Guiony said that any decision concerning the pricing policy of LV should not be made in a hurry. He said while commenting on the performance in the first quarter of the company that the effects brought by floating exchange rate will be offset by the exchange rate itself.

At local time six fifteen May sixth in the Palm Spring in California, America, the LV 2016 early spring women’s fashion show 1:1 replica handbags starts. The fashion channel of Phoenix replica louis vuitton bags broadcast it alive worldwide high quality replica handbags china , sharing the glittering scene with you as soon as possible. Zhang appeared at the show with a type of purse with diamond patter.

Zhang Manyu shows up at the show with a LV purse.

Place of purchase: Beijing Xinguangtiandi

On May 2nd, 2014, Zhang Manyu sang at the Strawberry Music Festival in a Lanvin for H dress

This outfit looks beautiful. The hip hugging design, convenient and fashionable, reveals the good shape of beauty Zhang Manyu. The deep V collar and broad belt makes her look more slender. The printing of flower pattern is also elegant. If there is only small flowers, the whole outfit would not look so fashionable.

Zhang Manyu shows up at the red carpet in cool black clothes, leading the crowd.

The eternal beauty Zhang Manyu can attract much attention with her appearance. Instead of lacy dress, Maggie wears leather clothes and T shirt, still out competing all others in temperament.

Zhang Manyu carries the Balenciaga Velo collection

Since determined to go rock, Zhang Manyu has becoming increasingly stylish whether in clothing and makeup or in accessories. This Balenciaga Velo bag promotes rebellion in type and pink femininity in color. With such changeable style, no wonder the queen loves it so much.

Fan tells you how to be attractive

Fan Bingbing leaves for Cannes from Shanghai. She wears the tweed suit of LV 2015 early fall collection and carries the new Volta purse of the same brand, as stunning as usual.

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